Dripped Dry in Bushwick, 2011

Acrylic paint, Mylar and wire cable

A site-specific painting installation created for Norte Maar, as part of the Bushwick Open Studios Weekend, June 3 – 5.

My sources of inspiration for the piece are wide ranging. They include everything from Tibetan Prayer Flags to something as ordinary as clothes hanging on a clothesline and the ubiquitous chain link fence in the urban environment. Chain link fences create boundaries, but at the same time one can see through them. I like the relationship between the fence and my paintings which are translucent and have openings as well. The fence not only works as the support for the piece, but also as another layer that merges with the piece. I chose to use fluorescent color to contrast with the neutrality of the surrounding environment and to emphasize the festive and celebratory nature of the weekend’s events.

Dripped Dry in Bushwick, 2011 | 2011 | selected exhibitions, work