My acrylic and Mylar paintings, films of translucent, fluid color suspended in space, expand the boundaries of painting and explore new possibilities for presentation. I dip sheets of Mylar into thinned, acrylic paint and then hang them on a clothesline allowing the paint to drip and run as it dries. The process combines aspects, which are predetermined and others left up to chance. An element of surprise results from the random, accidental qualities inherent in the dipping and dripping process. However, in advance, I carefully decide on the size and shape of the Mylar, where to cut the holes, how large they will be, all of which controls the dripping in particular ways.The works hang slightly forward of the wall, allowing light to pass through and illuminate the color to varying degrees. Color and shadows are transmitted through the Mylar onto the wall and seen through holes in the surfaces. I enjoy working with both the highly saturated, physical presence of color and the changing nature of light. I am interested in the tangible and real versus the ephemeral and impermanent, as metaphors for the human condition.